Routine Maintenance Saves Repairman Visits For Washing Machine

Did you know that too much concentrated soap can cause your high tech washing machine to stop dead in its tracks? The machine can get held up by a “suds lock” if there is enough soap buildup in between the inner and outer drums.

If you suspect suds lock, try using one third the recommended soap in a high efficiency washer. If there is a particular need due to very soiled clothes, try one half of the regular recommended amount.

If the machine makes a grinding noise, the inner drum is likely not sitting back down onto the spin bearings properly. Lift the inner drum up and down gently to help it settle down into place. If that does not work, fill the tub with hot water and let it sit for a while and try again. There is a lag time before the drain and spin cycle when cooling needs to happen to certain degree before the machine will kick in again whirlpool washer repair pasadena.

Use a commercially available product such as Glisten to remove soap buildup periodically.

A bit of routing maintenance will also keep you from pouring money down the drain. Your garbage disposal will lock up on your just when you need it most say, at Thanksgiving dinner. To keep things flowing smoothly follow these handy tips:

o Run cold water when you are putting food down the disposal, while the disposal is one and for 15 seconds after you hear that the disposal has finished grinding everything up. Generally, you only need to run the water for about 5 seconds after grinding, but the potential for a clogging buildup is heightened when the disposal is turned off right away with no additional clean water run through it.

o Every so often, put ice cubes into the disposal when it is running with lots of water flow (the more ice the better) to keep it from developing internal buildup and clear out any smell without using toxic chemicals. Dropping some lemon or orange peel won’t prevent clogs but it will make your disposal smell pleasant.

o Try using several gallons of boiling water down the drain to help clear grease build up farther down the line just the machine, followed by another 20 seconds of running cold/warm water through.

o Your garbage disposal can benefit from a product called Glisten that can help remove the crud in the main chamber if the ice cubes and boiling water and changes in usage do not completely clear the occasional back flow of water up into the sink.

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